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Choose the ideal Surf Gift to offer

This Surf Gift offers you several options to choose a present for your dearest and in a healthy way!

Here you have several opportunities to :

  • you can create unique and unforgettable moment in a friend`s or family member`s life with a surf lesson;

  • you can offer a advanced surf lesson so your friend or family member may improve his/her the surfing skills;

  • you can just rent all the equipment and offer a surfing day to your friends/family.


Offer surf lessons has been an excellent way to gift.

Anniversary | Mother's Day | Father's Day | Children's Day | Valentine's Day | as a Christmas Gift, among other dates to celebrate.


Ideal gift


  • for those who are curious to glide over the waves;


  • for those who started in the game and really want to be practicing;


  • for those who practice and want to improve their surfing skills.


Offer surfboard and wetsuit rental as a gift.

Ideal Gift :

  • for those who are learning to surf but do not have a surfboard or a wetsuit;

  • for a friend who cames to Portugal and does not bring his/her surf equipment.


This will always be the perfect gift for those who do not have surf equipment.

This SURF GIFT consists of

In a Gift Voucher, according to the option you chose, which will always be sent via e-mail by us or by you according to your choice.

Just fill in the form after your approval the Surf Gift Voucher will be sent on the required date.

To purchase this Surf Gift just fill in the form with the following information:


1. Which option (surf classes or equipment rental) you want to offer;

2. Your name and e-mail;    

3. The name and e-mail address of the person to whom this is offered;    

4. And a message to accompany this magnificent Surf Gift.

After receiving the Surf Gift, the owner only has to contact eXtra eXtra Surf School and schedule the day.

Be original and environmentally friendly in your Gift!